Nordic 3D Sculpture Miniature Bull CL1211 A big-green Official COW PRINT Merch
Nordic 3D Sculpture Miniature Bull Official Merch CL1211
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Nordic 3D Sculpture Miniature Bull Official Merch CL1211


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Draw Your Strength From The Bull

From diverse ancient cultures to the present world’s modern civilizations, the Bull has been the epitome of pure strength, power to rule, bravery, resilience, and dominance. It represents a strong fighting spirit when faced with seemingly impossible hardships and emerges victoriously with hard work and determination to most people. Highly revered by many as a powerful spiritual animal, the Bull‘s various positive symbolisms are linked to godly-like traits often sought by most people as their inspiration and guidance.

 - The Cow Print

Go Nordic, Start With this Miniature Bull!

Be inspired! Bring to your home that strong positive vibe through our Nordic 3D Sculpture Miniature Bull. The fine craftsmanship that forged this spectacular miniature bull can be rooted back to its Nordic heritage style of design – Simple but elegant. If you’re into Nordic interior decorating for your home, this 3D Sculpture Miniature Bull might just be your definitive art piece and cannot be ignored. A unique design element that is worth considering. Crafted using high-quality resin, its geometric pattern sculptured body contour exquisitely defines a fierce character often seen with that of a raging bull. There are two poses available, both are depicting a charging bull. With two sizes and three colors to choose from, these miniature bulls are sold individually. But, if you want a complete stunner for your interior decoration, a pair of different poses or styles, sizes, or colors can be mixed and match depending on your eye for design.


A Few Ways to Artistically Incorporate These Nordic Bulls In Your Homes:

  • Placed on top, instead of the usual paperweight, use these Nordic Bulls as a weighted marker to always remind you of your favorite books stacked on a side table with a reading lamp.

a pair of black and white miniature bull, one is standing on top of stacked books

  • Give these elegant Nordic Bulls a solo spotlight of magnificence on your display shelves.

a pair of black and white miniature bull displayed in a cabinet shelf


  • Let these stylish Nordic 3D Sculpture Miniature Bulls be the center of attraction in your living room.

 a pair of white and green miniature bull standing on top of a center table